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How To Use FSA & HSA For Glasses

Nov 28, 2021

If you have health insurance, it can seem tricky to determine whether or not your policy covers something because of how different plans are put together. This is especially true when it comes to vision care. Many things should be clarified before making any decisions about these services with your physician or insurance agent if you were to get insurance through them.

What Is FSA (Flexible Spending Account)?

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is a savings account that you can use as a way of storing money for medical expenses. It is a great opportunity to save money! If a person has been admitted by a physician as being eligible for Medical tax exemption, then their FSA contribution is not taxed for the next year, whereas the tax rules are flexible regarding the account owner’s eligibility under various plans.


The funds in an FSA account can only be used as a way of saving money to pay out medical bills. The FSA provider organization makes all the necessary payments directly themselves to the medical providers.

An FSA is an effective way to pay for all kinds of medical services. Because the funds are deposited into a special savings account, deposits in these accounts are tax-free up to the annual limit.

What Is an HSA (Health Savings Account)?

HSA stands for Health Savings Account. HSAs are similar to FSAs, with the primary difference being that HSA accounts are managed by individuals, while FSA accounts are managed by employers.

Health Savings Accounts can be a great way to save for medical expenses, and they're available only to people who have a high deductible health plan.


The government determines each year how much of a deductible must be paid before plan benefits kick in, as well as the maximum amount an individual can contribute to an HSA.

Many health care plans are linked to high deductible health plans, but not all high deductible health plans are eligible for HSAs. The HDHP must be the only plan you have; you cannot currently be covered by Medicare, and you also can’t be claimed as a dependent on anyone else's tax return to qualify for an HSA.

It is important to note that not all HSA-eligible plans will be indicated as such. They can't necessarily be identified through a description or a name, because a lot of them do happen to have different designations. It’s recommended that one always check directly with the insurer if they're unsure.

Main Differences Between FSA and HSA

Generally, an HSA allows for more flexibility than a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Holders of an HSA can use the HSA debit card to pay for healthcare expenses and do not need to submit receipts after they spend their funds. This makes dealing with healthcare costs that much simpler!

Can You Use FSA or HSA for Glasses?

Expenses for prescription eyewear are permitted to be paid out of an FSA or HSA. Glasses and contact lenses are both eligible for coverage by both accounts, making these the perfect way to help you better see your goals.

If a product is not considered a medical expense according to the IDEA Health and Education Reconciliation Act, then it will not be eligible for coverage under an FSA or HSA account.

For example, eyewear that is considered standard-issue and non-prescription glasses are exempt from coverage because it does not meet the definition of a medical or health care expense.

What Can You Buy with FSA or HSA?

  • Prescription Eyeglasses (Reading glasses, bifocals, and progressive multifocal)
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Glasses Frames
  • Contact lenses and cleaning lotions
  • Sports masks and safety goggles with prescription lenses

FSA or HSA money can be used to pay for any form of prescription eyewear. If the item that you wish to purchase has been prescribed by an eye health professional to improve your vision, it will most likely qualify as an eligible FSA or HSA expense.

While most standard prescriptions are covered by the majority of FSA and HSA plans, some eyecare-related expenses aren't always covered. For example, glasses with blue light filters are sometimes covered by some plans, but not all. If you are not sure whether or not your FSA or HSA account covers blue light filters, you need to check it with your employer or insurance company.


Blue light filters are often used by people who struggle with insomnia. Blue light emitted by computer screens is thought to interfere with the body's internal clock, resulting in difficulty falling asleep.

If you're struggling to get to sleep at night after checking your email on your laptop or reading the news on your smartphone, try using blue light filters on your devices or turning off all of your electronic gadgets for an hour or so before trying to fall asleep!

Expenses Not Covered by FSA or HSA

  • Insurance for glasses
  • Colored contact lenses
  • Extended warranties for glasses
  • Non-prescription sunglasses

When purchasing glasses, one can use their flexible spending account or health savings account to pay for the shades along with their lenses. This way, they can still purchase an upgraded warranty or insurance policy later on when paying out-of-pocket without worrying about exceeding the yearly amount spent on HSA or FSA funds.

In addition, you can find detailed information about lens types and vision problems by reading our article titled Types of Lenses and Vision Problems!

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How to Use Your Benefits at Get Glasses Onine

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How many pairs of glasses can I buy with FSA?

FSA and HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear, frames, prescription sunglasses and etc. for you or your immediate family, whether or not you have vision insurance. The maximum annual HSA contribution is $3,250. There is no limit to how many glasses you can buy!

Can I use my FSA to buy glasses online?

HSA and FSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription contact lenses from online or brick-and-mortar retailers. You can use your FSA or HSA dollars at GetGlasses.online! GetGlasses.online offers quality, stylish and cheap prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses.

How do I spend my vision FSA?

Some online eyeglasses stores and contact lens vendors welcome FSA cards. If you have an FSA card, simply enter the card details during the checkout process.


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