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How to Keep Glasses From Slipping?

Nov 25, 2021

Do you keep pushing your glasses repetitively back up your face? This is quite frustrating if this is the case. Your goal isn't trying to make sure your glasses fall down on purpose, but at the same time, you don't want them to annoyingly fall off your face either. Maybe it's time for some simple adjustments with this pair of glasses.

Below we've gathered some useful tips on how you can quickly and easily keep your glasses in the right place if you're usually in a hurry. However, if you want a long-term solution for this problem that's more permanent, then you might want to consider adjusting the frames so they fit perfectly.

5 Main Reasons Your Glasses Keep Sliding Down

Did you set out to lose weight? This may make it more likely for glasses to slide down your nose.

If your glasses slip off when you put them on and slip right off when you're in motion then perhaps these are not the frames for your face.

Keeping your face shape in mind before purchasing eyewear is important as it will help you find the most fitting frames. You can always check out our previous blog: The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

It's a given that there will be times when the glasses you have been wearing for years will loosen. This won't be because of how small your face is, either! They just loosen over time at random points in time. However, there are other reasons this can happen to your glasses. Here are the 5 reasons your glasses keep sliding down:

  • Wide or heavy frames
  • Oily skin
  • Wrong angle
  • Narrow nose bridge
  • Thin face

Ways to Keep Glasses From Slipping?

1-) Frame Tightening

Getting your glasses tightened regularly can help prevent them from falling.

In most cases, this will help to maintain a safe grip on the frames and prevent them from falling off after a few months of wear, but sometimes the lenses still become misaligned.

Keep in mind that any eyeglasses that are too tight on the nose, temples, or around the ears can irritate or even damage the skin. Tightening your glasses can be a good option, but not the most convenient one. It is a temporary solution, after all.

2-) Eyeglasses Chains

Have you ever wanted to stop your glasses from slipping? Well, there is a fashion accessory that can help!

Eyewear chains and cords are some of the best ways to prevent your glasses from falling off. Not only will they keep any eyeglasses (including plastic glasses) in place on your face but you'll have a lower chance of losing them too!

Glasses chains are the best when you need reading glasses at home or in the office. They keep glasses close at hand whether you need them right in that exact moment, or in an hour when your vision starts to fade again. They'll always be within reach.

3-) Silicone Nose Pads

You can attach silicone nose pads to your eyeglasses by sticking the adhesive side down on the bridge of your glasses. These pads add bridge support and keep your lenses from slipping out of their frames as well as keeping them leveled correctly over your eyes.

Silicone nose pads, when used on glasses, look invisible and do not attract a lot of attention. But if you have oily skin, adjustable nose pads tend to wear off quickly. Make sure you clean your glasses' nose pads with a mild soap before applying silicone nose pads so they stick on better.

Silicone nose pads can be used for most glasses and they're safe to use, even with children and people who have sensitive skin. Also, you can adjust nose pads easily!

4-) Waxing Nose Pads

You can apply wax on your nose pads as needed because waxing them will maintain a good seal between the glasses and your skin. In general, this works fine but there is a slight downside: you have to reapply the wax as necessary.

In general, this works fine but you have to reapply the wax as necessary which may be inconvenient. Also, you can use adhesive nose pads in addition to this to keep your glasses from slipping.

5-) Temple Ear Hook

Temple ear hooks, sometimes referred to as temple arms or earpieces, can help you experience more ease and comfort when it comes to your eyewear.

These little add-ons tend to be slipped onto the temples of your eyeglasses and help you take advantage of the support that your ear provides when you're wearing glasses. You can typically add such an add-on to most eyewear products like sunglasses or reading glasses!

Temple ear hooks can be uncomfortable when you're using your glasses. When talking about temple ear hooks, we mean the part of the glasses that extends towards your ears and holds them in place.

They can hurt the back of your ears even if you wear glasses the correct size.

6-) Glasses Bands

Glasses bands can be a wonderful option when it comes down to making sure your eyeglasses stay put on your face.

In addition, these types of bands will help you secure your stylish glasses and reading glasses to your face, assuring that they will not slip off or fall when you're out and about.

Eyewear bands are designed with ease in mind, they are known to be very adjustable. They are fitted with an adjustable fabric that can easily stretch or shrink to fit your head or neck.

Because of this, eyewear bands will never look awkward on you, whether you're outside playing sports or attending a formal affair.

7-) Cable Temples

The best way to prevent eyeglasses from slipping is to choose the shape of your temples carefully.

The cable temple may be helpful because it will carry the weight of the glasses on one side of the head while providing a small but reliable grip that prevents glasses from slipping.

Similar to conventional ear hook styles, the same discomfort may occur at the back of your ears with cable temples, especially after a long day of having your glasses on.

To ensure you don't experience this issue, make sure the hooks are not too tight and should be well-adjusted perfectly following any natural curves of your ears.

8-) Hair Ties

One smart trick is to place hair ties on the part of your glasses' temples that go behind your ears. This specific type of hair ties can add a bit of mechanical support and friction which prevents the frames from moving too close to your face, which would cause them to fall off.

Hair ties are a low-cost method of attachment, but some disadvantages come with it. If the fit doesn't feel right or secure, it may be difficult to adjust their position.

In addition, You can have detailed information about the advantages of purchasing glasses online by reading our article 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Glasses Online

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