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How to Measure a Glasses Frame

When buying glasses online, figuring out the ideal frame size is highly important. While it might seem overwhelming, this is not a difficult process! At Get Glasses Online we have created a Frame Measurement Guide to make finding your unique fit a quick and simple process.

Reading Your Frame Size

When buying glasses online, choosing the right sizes of frames is vital. If you already own a pair of frames, this is usually the best place to start.

If you look on the inside arm of your glasses, there should be three little numbers. These numbers represent the frame’s measurements.

From left to right, these measurements (in millimeters) are as follows:

1. Lens Width

2. Bridge Width

3. Temple Length

How To Measure Frame

Lens Width

This is the horizontal width of the lens at its widest point. It usually spans between 40 mm to 60 mm.

Bridge Width

This is the distance between your lenses, or the space where your frame rests on your nose. It usually spans between 14 mm to 24 mm.

Temple (Arm) Length

This is the length of the temple (also called the arm) from the screw to the tip. It usually is 120 mm to 150 mm long.

Lens Height (or B size)

This is another important number, which is not included on the glasses arm. But you can measure it by yourself on your current frame and filter similar frames. It represents the vertical height of your eyeglass lens at the widest point of the lens inside the frame.

Frame Width (Face Width)

The total width of the frame, which, ideally, should be exactly the width of your face. If you see on Try On that frame is wider than your face, it's better to choose a smaller frame. If frame is smaller than your face, depends on the shape, it might still be a perfect fir. Contact our staff for suggestions.

Filtering, based on the frame sizes

When buying glasses with Get Glasses Online, you have the option to filter your frame search by all of these measurements, to ensure you are receiving the best possible fit.

How To Measure Frame

Please reach out to our staff if you need any assistance with this process!