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About our company

We are passionate about glasses. Not just glasses, but comfortable, high quality glasses and lenses, which we are committed to selling for the best possible price!

There are many websites selling glasses. Why do you need another one?

It all started a couple of years ago, when we ordered glasses from one of these websites for cheap prices. Upon arrival, we were shocked at just how poor the quality of the frames was. None of us was willing to wear the glasses on a daily basis! Needless to say we had a tough time trusting online platforms after that. That’s when we started thinking about creating a reliable platform for selling top quality glasses for the best possible price, which customers would have no hesitation to order again and again.

How can we provide such good prices for premium quality glasses?

GetGlasses Online is not a frame manufacturer, which gives us the flexibility to find the best quality products from different manufacturers and negotiate the best prices. This also allows us to treat our loyal customers to the best looking frames from the top designers and brands, even if they’re discontinued.

We carefully select all of our frames and sunglasses one by one, following all the latest trends and fashion styles, as well as ensuring we have a wide selection of retro and other unique frames, so there’s something for everyone! If you can’t find a style you’re looking for, contact us and we will add it to our collection.

Our customers are also pleasantly surprised to find that their chosen frames are actually made by popular designers. How do we do it? Leading brands and designers discontinue previous models to bring new models. Since they don’t want to devalue their frames, they don’t sell these discontinued models online or in discounted retail chains at lower costs. This is why our platform is so appealing to large brands. They can sell discontinued models to us for a huge discount, which we happily pass on to you for a low price, rather than the hundreds or thousands of dollar prices you’d find everywhere else! Through concealing the brands, you’ll always get an extra surprise when your glasses arrive and you find out which top designer your glasses are from. Talk about treating yourself! GetGlasses Online is not a laboratory, which gives us the flexibility to find the leading optical labs with the best equipment to ensure the highest quality lenses for the cheapest prices. We conduct quality control tests on numerous labs to provide our customers with unbeatable quality and prices, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We have experts in optical fields to check the quality of our frames, lenses, and edging work prior to choosing manufacturers and lens labs. We ensure that our quality is five-star and comparable with, if not better than, the top labs and manufacturers. We also perform spot checks on a regular basis to ensure our quality is not compromised with time.

Our advertising strategy also saves us tons of money; savings which we then pass on to you. By growing organically and expanding our customer base through recommendations. By recommending our website to your family and friends, you’re helping us keep our prices low for your benefit. We would never sell cheap quality frames or lenses on our website – it’s our commitment!

We are a young team, and we are trying harder to have satisfied customers and provide outstanding customer service. We welcome any suggestions about how we can improve.

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