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​Which Eyeglass Frames Match Your Personality and Lifestyle

Dec 9, 2021

Eyeglasses are a very real part of your identity. Because people generally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you wear can convey both strength and character in your own style.

The right eyewear can be important in helping you portray the image you want others to see. Eyewear that gives off a sense of style and taste, and helps you appear sophisticated, youthful, and fun-loving.

One of the best ways to determine which eyeglasses go with your personal style is based on how many different kinds of frames one owns and their ability to keep things simple.

Your Eyeglasses Say About You!

A pair of glasses can help you see the real you and make the image that you want. Remember that it's about a combination of personality, lifestyle, and appearance for eyeglasses.

Each person has a certain style and preference when it comes to things like clothes, food, hobbies, and other forms of entertainment.

Selecting the right frame for your face is one of the most important tips in styling yourself.

In general, frames with a high-gloss finish give life to your face and make your glasses more noticeable.

When choosing glasses, try to avoid dark colors such as gray, black, and other very dark tones.

Glasses for Parents

For busy parents who are looking to save some time and money while still getting the most out of their purchases, we recommend trying on a pair of eyeglasses they can include in their daily routines, as they're great for almost any occasion.

Whether it's oval-shaped frames or rectangular ones, you'll have something to wear every day that looks good too!

Basic eyeglasses frames are often a blank canvas for some fun personalizing. But you don't need to spring for recognizable designer logos or names to make a fashionable statement.

You can build your own look by shopping the latest seasonal looks in fashion-forward colors, texturing, and materials like quilted leather, herringbone, and bold colored frames.

Eyeglasses for Sportsmen

Most adults lead double lives: a socially mild-mannered persona during the week and a more active, carefree one on the weekends.

Just as running shoes are different from dress shoes, the glasses you wear while reading a book at the office may be too heavy for sports and hobby activities.

It may seem obvious, but many factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding which sport sunglasses or eyeglasses you’re going to wear during recreational activities, athletic competitions, and more.

You need to think about safety – including your own as a participant or spectator.

You also want to make sure they fit in with the overall aesthetic of the event and that they match other equipment pieces such as apparel and shoes.

Choosing eyewear for sporting events can be difficult. Sports glasses frames need to be specifically designed for different athletic games and activities.

When choosing the best glasses frames, you'll want to take into consideration your comfort level and how more radical designs will affect your performance while playing.

You'll also need to make sure your sporty frames won't slide off of or fog up during your game! Opticians can help you make sure that you have the right fit and features for your budget too!

Get Glasses Online Always With You!

Get Glasses Online is one of the fastest growing online eyewear marketplaces around which strives to provide you with enormous savings!

Our commitment is to offer great quality products and services at low prices. To make sure you're getting the most out of every purchase, we guarantee a money-back refund on our products should customers not be happy with the purchase.

Our professional staff of opticians is always on hand to help find the perfect match for your glasses, so if you have any queries about any of our inventory please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll be more than happy to answer all your questions!

You can always reach us at info@getglasses.online and 1-844-655-6490.

In addition, by reading our post titled Glasses for Your Personality Type you can have detailed information about glasses for personality types!


What color glasses would look good on me?

Choosing glasses frames can be difficult sometimes. You want to make sure you pick out a pair that shows off your natural eye color or complements it if you don't want something too subtle.

To do this, make sure that the color of the frame either matches with or is complimentary to your actual eye color.

You can find detailed information about how to choose the right glasses frame color in our post titled The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Can glasses change your personality?

Wearing glasses is like cosmetic surgery because it helps to immediately change how your character is represented and even more so because they're located at the most important part of the body in terms of non-verbal communication.

Does wearing glasses make you look more attractive?

Some people think that glasses make people look smarter but less attractive. However, one study showed rimless glasses make your face more distinctive and increase your perceived trustworthiness. Accessories like eyeglasses can influence facial appearance.

Glasses for Your Personality Type

Dec 1, 2021

Select three glasses shapes that represent your past, present, and future. They should not be chosen randomly; there must be an understanding of which one represents what.

If you chose figures 2 or 3, then you are an ambitious and confident person. You know that you will succeed all the time, but you also know better than to be complacent. Instead, you recognize that each day has its own hurdles to overcome and opportunities to recognize if one is keen enough to spot them.

Our Aviator glasses collection will fit you perfectly for your personality:


Glasses figure 1 is a self-assured, contented person with an optimistic outlook who is intelligent and capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Check our metal rectangle-shaped collection:


Glasses figure number 21 is a person who tries and tries but does not know how to find the best solutions for their life. They must learn to ask for help from those around them and to give up their suspicious nature.

Check our leopard-print frames, we designed especially for you:


If you chose Glasses 9, 19, or, and 4 then the combination of these characters describe you as a non-social, suspicious, and confident person with narcissistic inclinations and you tend to be envious of others.

Aviator sunglasses will fit you perfectly:


The number 9 glasses will do anything to prove themself - they won't take no for an answer!

Try our cat-eye glasses:


And the number 4 glasses don’t trust their own abilities. It's important to remember that each of us has a different potential, we all have something to give, and if we don't discover it in time, we can miss out on what could be a big opportunity later on in life. Learning from the mistakes of other people who have been in similar situations can give you strength or resolve when you need it most.

This is exactly why you need square glasses:


Glasses figures 7, 11, 12 just love helping their friends out. After all, if you know someone has your back then the rest is easy to figure out, right? These types of people also have high emotional intelligence which helps them get through life's challenges by seeing the bright side of things and always finding a solution. They strongly believe in "team spirit" because they think one positive person can make all the difference in solving problems or overcoming setbacks.

Try our most popular metal glasses:


Glasses number 5 leads an enriching life, they have many happy memories to look back on. Be assured that glasses number 5 will always remember the good moments of their life! Stay classy - they are creative, love life, enjoy every moment, love, and know how to be grateful to all the good things around them.

They will truly enjoy aviator sunglasses:


People who chose the number 6 need to feel loved, protected, and safe. This is because of the innate vulnerability of the number 6 that makes them reach out for affection and protection. However, these people must make sure not to fall prey to individuals who do not understand their need for love and affection. Instead, these people should focus on finding someone who can help them grow rather than those who only contributed towards reinforcing their weaknesses.

With our new collection, you will always feel loved:


The number 13 is filled with despair and the loss of hope. They must try their hardest to recalibrate themselves to the tree of life and regain confidence in themselves again, seeking the support of their loved ones!

Check our sale collection, we choose for you:


People who have chosen the numbers 16, 17, and 18 are optimistic, full of life, with team spirit and they perform in any field easily. They look at the challenges with detachment - or rather they let go of things that are difficult for them to solve very quickly. The number 18 likes to feel loved and appreciated. It feels good to be showered with some appreciation every once in a while after all. When that happens they become your best friend!

Check our Bestsellers:


Glasses figure 14 is a soul, a philanthropist. They do anything and everything to help others and they exemplify this through empathy and other positive attributes. We recommend that those who think this way do not lose themselves by only focusing on helping those around them or those in their social circle.

Our entire collection of eyeglasses will fit perfectly for you:


The numbers 10, 15, and 20 are all winners – they love the feeling of success and want to taste it as much as possible. Number 20 is ambitious, confident, and full of life. They’re innovators and aren’t afraid to take risks! They will achieve many things in their lifetime thanks to their passion and detachment from those around them. Choose our sunglasses bestsellers to make a statement:


Number 10 is ambitious, but also very cautious. They are hardworking and determined, so they are successful with pretty much anything they set their mind to. They have great ideas that stand out no matter what environment they are in, which is why people appreciate them wherever they go. Number 15 is motivated by the beauty of the road to success rather than the success itself. They are curious to meet people, to learn new things, and to have new experiences.

What do you think about cat-eye sunglasses?


The number 8 is a dreamer and a romantic. The best way for them to recharge their batteries is by spending some time alone. The loved ones of the number 8 should try to be understanding since this will help them function better in social situations. Understanding one another is key and must really be admirable in any relationship!

Our Round glasses collection will fit you perfectly for your personality:


How To Use FSA & HSA For Glasses

Nov 28, 2021

If you have health insurance, it can seem tricky to determine whether or not your policy covers something because of how different plans are put together. This is especially true when it comes to vision care. Many things should be clarified before making any decisions about these services with your physician or insurance agent if you were to get insurance through them.

What Is FSA (Flexible Spending Account)?

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is a savings account that you can use as a way of storing money for medical expenses. It is a great opportunity to save money! If a person has been admitted by a physician as being eligible for Medical tax exemption, then their FSA contribution is not taxed for the next year, whereas the tax rules are flexible regarding the account owner’s eligibility under various plans.


The funds in an FSA account can only be used as a way of saving money to pay out medical bills. The FSA provider organization makes all the necessary payments directly themselves to the medical providers.

An FSA is an effective way to pay for all kinds of medical services. Because the funds are deposited into a special savings account, deposits in these accounts are tax-free up to the annual limit.

What Is an HSA (Health Savings Account)?

HSA stands for Health Savings Account. HSAs are similar to FSAs, with the primary difference being that HSA accounts are managed by individuals, while FSA accounts are managed by employers.

Health Savings Accounts can be a great way to save for medical expenses, and they're available only to people who have a high deductible health plan.


The government determines each year how much of a deductible must be paid before plan benefits kick in, as well as the maximum amount an individual can contribute to an HSA.

Many health care plans are linked to high deductible health plans, but not all high deductible health plans are eligible for HSAs. The HDHP must be the only plan you have; you cannot currently be covered by Medicare, and you also can’t be claimed as a dependent on anyone else's tax return to qualify for an HSA.

It is important to note that not all HSA-eligible plans will be indicated as such. They can't necessarily be identified through a description or a name, because a lot of them do happen to have different designations. It’s recommended that one always check directly with the insurer if they're unsure.

Main Differences Between FSA and HSA

Generally, an HSA allows for more flexibility than a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Holders of an HSA can use the HSA debit card to pay for healthcare expenses and do not need to submit receipts after they spend their funds. This makes dealing with healthcare costs that much simpler!

Can You Use FSA or HSA for Glasses?

Expenses for prescription eyewear are permitted to be paid out of an FSA or HSA. Glasses and contact lenses are both eligible for coverage by both accounts, making these the perfect way to help you better see your goals.

If a product is not considered a medical expense according to the IDEA Health and Education Reconciliation Act, then it will not be eligible for coverage under an FSA or HSA account.

For example, eyewear that is considered standard-issue and non-prescription glasses are exempt from coverage because it does not meet the definition of a medical or health care expense.

What Can You Buy with FSA or HSA?

  • Prescription Eyeglasses (Reading glasses, bifocals, and progressive multifocal)
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Glasses Frames
  • Contact lenses and cleaning lotions
  • Sports masks and safety goggles with prescription lenses

FSA or HSA money can be used to pay for any form of prescription eyewear. If the item that you wish to purchase has been prescribed by an eye health professional to improve your vision, it will most likely qualify as an eligible FSA or HSA expense.

While most standard prescriptions are covered by the majority of FSA and HSA plans, some eyecare-related expenses aren't always covered. For example, glasses with blue light filters are sometimes covered by some plans, but not all. If you are not sure whether or not your FSA or HSA account covers blue light filters, you need to check it with your employer or insurance company.


Blue light filters are often used by people who struggle with insomnia. Blue light emitted by computer screens is thought to interfere with the body's internal clock, resulting in difficulty falling asleep.

If you're struggling to get to sleep at night after checking your email on your laptop or reading the news on your smartphone, try using blue light filters on your devices or turning off all of your electronic gadgets for an hour or so before trying to fall asleep!

Expenses Not Covered by FSA or HSA

  • Insurance for glasses
  • Colored contact lenses
  • Extended warranties for glasses
  • Non-prescription sunglasses

When purchasing glasses, one can use their flexible spending account or health savings account to pay for the shades along with their lenses. This way, they can still purchase an upgraded warranty or insurance policy later on when paying out-of-pocket without worrying about exceeding the yearly amount spent on HSA or FSA funds.

In addition, you can find detailed information about lens types and vision problems by reading our article titled Types of Lenses and Vision Problems!

Get Glasses Online Always At Your Service

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If you're unsure about what glasses or lenses will work best for you, feel free to talk with one of our professional opticians who can help you find the perfect fit!

Our all items are eligible for Canadian/US insurance - ask a member of our staff!

You can reach us 24/7 at info@getglasses.online and 1-844-655-6490

How to Use Your Benefits at Get Glasses Onine

  • Submit glasses invoices from GetGlasses.online under "Vision" benefits for the majority of insurance companies.
  • Confirm with the insurance company before making the purchase.
  • Benefits are applied for prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, and blue-cut sunglasses.
  • Contact Get Glasses Online to obtain a receipt, which will be valid for the insurance application.


How many pairs of glasses can I buy with FSA?

FSA and HSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyewear, frames, prescription sunglasses and etc. for you or your immediate family, whether or not you have vision insurance. The maximum annual HSA contribution is $3,250. There is no limit to how many glasses you can buy!

Can I use my FSA to buy glasses online?

HSA and FSA funds can be used to purchase prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription contact lenses from online or brick-and-mortar retailers. You can use your FSA or HSA dollars at GetGlasses.online! GetGlasses.online offers quality, stylish and cheap prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses.

How do I spend my vision FSA?

Some online eyeglasses stores and contact lens vendors welcome FSA cards. If you have an FSA card, simply enter the card details during the checkout process.

How to Keep Glasses From Slipping?

Nov 25, 2021

Do you keep pushing your glasses repetitively back up your face? This is quite frustrating if this is the case. Your goal isn't trying to make sure your glasses fall down on purpose, but at the same time, you don't want them to annoyingly fall off your face either. Maybe it's time for some simple adjustments with this pair of glasses.

Below we've gathered some useful tips on how you can quickly and easily keep your glasses in the right place if you're usually in a hurry. However, if you want a long-term solution for this problem that's more permanent, then you might want to consider adjusting the frames so they fit perfectly.

5 Main Reasons Your Glasses Keep Sliding Down

Did you set out to lose weight? This may make it more likely for glasses to slide down your nose.

If your glasses slip off when you put them on and slip right off when you're in motion then perhaps these are not the frames for your face.

Keeping your face shape in mind before purchasing eyewear is important as it will help you find the most fitting frames. You can always check out our previous blog: The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

It's a given that there will be times when the glasses you have been wearing for years will loosen. This won't be because of how small your face is, either! They just loosen over time at random points in time. However, there are other reasons this can happen to your glasses. Here are the 5 reasons your glasses keep sliding down:

  • Wide or heavy frames
  • Oily skin
  • Wrong angle
  • Narrow nose bridge
  • Thin face

Ways to Keep Glasses From Slipping?

1-) Frame Tightening

Getting your glasses tightened regularly can help prevent them from falling.

In most cases, this will help to maintain a safe grip on the frames and prevent them from falling off after a few months of wear, but sometimes the lenses still become misaligned.

Keep in mind that any eyeglasses that are too tight on the nose, temples, or around the ears can irritate or even damage the skin. Tightening your glasses can be a good option, but not the most convenient one. It is a temporary solution, after all.

2-) Eyeglasses Chains

Have you ever wanted to stop your glasses from slipping? Well, there is a fashion accessory that can help!

Eyewear chains and cords are some of the best ways to prevent your glasses from falling off. Not only will they keep any eyeglasses (including plastic glasses) in place on your face but you'll have a lower chance of losing them too!

Glasses chains are the best when you need reading glasses at home or in the office. They keep glasses close at hand whether you need them right in that exact moment, or in an hour when your vision starts to fade again. They'll always be within reach.

3-) Silicone Nose Pads

You can attach silicone nose pads to your eyeglasses by sticking the adhesive side down on the bridge of your glasses. These pads add bridge support and keep your lenses from slipping out of their frames as well as keeping them leveled correctly over your eyes.

Silicone nose pads, when used on glasses, look invisible and do not attract a lot of attention. But if you have oily skin, adjustable nose pads tend to wear off quickly. Make sure you clean your glasses' nose pads with a mild soap before applying silicone nose pads so they stick on better.

Silicone nose pads can be used for most glasses and they're safe to use, even with children and people who have sensitive skin. Also, you can adjust nose pads easily!

4-) Waxing Nose Pads

You can apply wax on your nose pads as needed because waxing them will maintain a good seal between the glasses and your skin. In general, this works fine but there is a slight downside: you have to reapply the wax as necessary.

In general, this works fine but you have to reapply the wax as necessary which may be inconvenient. Also, you can use adhesive nose pads in addition to this to keep your glasses from slipping.

5-) Temple Ear Hook

Temple ear hooks, sometimes referred to as temple arms or earpieces, can help you experience more ease and comfort when it comes to your eyewear.

These little add-ons tend to be slipped onto the temples of your eyeglasses and help you take advantage of the support that your ear provides when you're wearing glasses. You can typically add such an add-on to most eyewear products like sunglasses or reading glasses!

Temple ear hooks can be uncomfortable when you're using your glasses. When talking about temple ear hooks, we mean the part of the glasses that extends towards your ears and holds them in place.

They can hurt the back of your ears even if you wear glasses the correct size.

6-) Glasses Bands

Glasses bands can be a wonderful option when it comes down to making sure your eyeglasses stay put on your face.

In addition, these types of bands will help you secure your stylish glasses and reading glasses to your face, assuring that they will not slip off or fall when you're out and about.

Eyewear bands are designed with ease in mind, they are known to be very adjustable. They are fitted with an adjustable fabric that can easily stretch or shrink to fit your head or neck.

Because of this, eyewear bands will never look awkward on you, whether you're outside playing sports or attending a formal affair.

7-) Cable Temples

The best way to prevent eyeglasses from slipping is to choose the shape of your temples carefully.

The cable temple may be helpful because it will carry the weight of the glasses on one side of the head while providing a small but reliable grip that prevents glasses from slipping.

Similar to conventional ear hook styles, the same discomfort may occur at the back of your ears with cable temples, especially after a long day of having your glasses on.

To ensure you don't experience this issue, make sure the hooks are not too tight and should be well-adjusted perfectly following any natural curves of your ears.

8-) Hair Ties

One smart trick is to place hair ties on the part of your glasses' temples that go behind your ears. This specific type of hair ties can add a bit of mechanical support and friction which prevents the frames from moving too close to your face, which would cause them to fall off.

Hair ties are a low-cost method of attachment, but some disadvantages come with it. If the fit doesn't feel right or secure, it may be difficult to adjust their position.

In addition, You can have detailed information about the advantages of purchasing glasses online by reading our article 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Glasses Online

Get Glasses Online Always With You

Getting the cheapest glasses online doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. At Get Glasses Online, you’ll find the current best available deals on all major frames (plastic frames, metal frames, and etc.) lenses, and eyewear accessories.

We'll take you through each step of our simple ordering process to make finding what you need simpler than ever before.

If you're not sure which glasses frames will look best with your face shape or eye color, or what type of lenses are best for you, then contact us and one of our professional staff of opticians will help you choose the perfect pair! Call us now at 1-844-655-6490 or send an email to info@getglasses.online

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Glasses Online

Nov 23, 2021

In the digital age, where anything goes, online shopping is on the rise. What can't you buy online? With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can order food, book a ride, and purchase literally anything your heart desires.

It's no secret that buying eyeglasses online is indeed much easier than having to make a special trip to an optician to get fitted. But what might not be common knowledge is the fact that shopping online is in fact even better because of these 10 reasons!

10 Reasons To Purchase Glasses Online

1-) Cheaper Than Physical Stores

You might not be aware but shopping online is usually cheaper than shopping in traditional stores.


Studies by e-commerce agencies show that brick-and-mortar shops have many expenditures including rent, operational costs, and running a business whereas online retailers don't need to spend money on these things.

Because they generally run from one platform or from their own websites which saves them a lot of money.

2-) Fast Delivery

It’s easy and fun shopping online and placing an order for glasses.

If you want to try on different types of frames, there are augmented reality eyeglasses that allow you to examine the look of any pair before deciding if it’s suitable for you or not.

Also, there are many other options as well, such as express shipping and 7-day shipping for those who need them quickly.

GetGlasses.Online offers two shipping options! Here are the details: Our Shipment

3-) Try On Feature

When buying glasses online, you can upload a photo of yourself to see which pair of glasses best suit your face. Trying on the different frames is just as easy as buying them!

Different frames will fit differently depending on your face size, shape, and other factors too. To help you decide which model is the best for you, this helpful tool offers suggestions on which glasses would look best with your unique facial features!

By reading our article titled The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape, you can learn in detail how to choose the most suitable glasses for your face shape.

4-) Limitless Options

When you visit a brick-and-mortar store, your choices are limited. On the other hand, when you buy glasses online, there are plenty of options to choose from!

With so many styles, shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to select from, it can be difficult to decide which pair is best for you. This is one of the many reasons purchasing glasses online is convenient.

Choosing glasses can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you need to buy several pairs of prescription glasses or prescription lenses. You have to go from store to store, only to figure out they don't have what you're looking for.


To buy prescription glasses online, all you need to do is fill out your prescription online on the product page.

Buying glasses online alleviates this problem because there’s no need to try on the frames in every location. Not only that, online stores tend to offer wider selections, quality and cheap glasses including accessories like cases or sunglasses that may not be easy to find elsewhere!

5-) Online Glasses Shopping Without Time Limit

Wherever you are, new glasses are only a click away!

From the comfort of your computer to your mobile phone at any time of day, you can shop online with ease to find the perfect pair for yourself or your loved one.

We're always available to help you choose glasses or lenses if you need assistance!


After all, even professionals with experience can find it hard to know which frame is the best fit at times - so don't stress about it and keep our contact details close by in case you need us to take a look at your options and help you make up your mind.

You can reach us at info@getglasses.online and 1-844-655-6490.

6-) Easy Upgrade Options

If you buy glasses in a physical location, it's easy to forget to request critical enhancements which are important for your eyes.

If you purchase your glasses online instead, you'll never have to experience this again and you can easily choose what upgrades you need any time via email or telephone chat.

Your glasses can now change color and become prescription sunglasses with these simple online upgrades. You simply follow the websites' guided step-by-step instructions, which are really quite easy since they’re intuitive to use, while watching the video tutorials.

Your information is safely encrypted so you don't have to worry about anything other than gaining clear vision.

7-) Hassle-Free Returns

If you buy glasses online and for some reason, you're not happy with the product, no worries!

Different online shops have different policies on how to handle damaged or unmet product specifications - some might give you a full refund while some might immediately send you a replacement.

GetGlasses.Online offers 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, 90-Day Warranty, and also Free Return Shipping! For detailed information, you can read our Return Policy page.

8-) Faster Customer Service

When you purchase glasses from brick and mortar stores, you have to wait until the physical store opens if you have any concerns that need to be addressed.

On the other hand, when ordering glasses online, if there is an issue with your purchase after hours or on a holiday, chances are there will still be someone available via chat or phone.

Most – not all – online shopping sites offer customer service 24/7 to ensure satisfaction and so everything goes without a hitch.

You can reach GetGlasses.Online 24/7 at info@getglasses.online and 1-844-655-6490.

9-) Available For Insurance

Are you aware of what a health savings account or flexible spending account is?

Most online sites are happy to take your HSA or FSA debit card. Even if you don't have a card, simply print out the reimbursement form that comes with your bank statement and mail it in to have your expenses covered by your account.


At GetGlasses.Online, all items are available for Canadian and U.S insurance! You can check our Lens Price List for detailed information.

10-) Send Glasses As A Gift

When you're thinking of gift ideas, you can never go wrong with getting someone their very own pair of glasses.

You can purchase them online, pay for them, and send the package directly to the person.

We hand select our frames and sunglasses one by one, following all the latest trends and fashion styles, as well as ensuring we have a wide selection of different frame colors and cases. Thus, there's something for everyone!


If you can't find a style you're looking for, contact us and we will add them to our collection.

With all of these reasons to buy glasses online, you can stay calm the next time you need a new pair. You will have a more convenient and easy way to shop for your new glasses without worrying about leaving a store or a phone call unanswered.

In addition, by reading our post titled How to Order Glasses Online you can have detailed information about how to buy your glasses online!

How To Avoid Glare On Glasses In Zoom Calls

Nov 18, 2021

If you wear reading glasses, then Zoom calls or recording videos can be a real problem.

You’ll need to either take them off for the duration of the call or video session, but won't be able to read from your notes or computer screen or deal with the light reflections from them.

No wonder some people get annoyed with light reflections causing annoying glare on the lenses of their glasses. How do we get around such an issue?

You need to know that when light reflects off of your glasses at the same angle at which it was hit, it will create reflections in front of you or behind you.

So if your webcam is next to the light and you're looking into the webcam, when light hits your glasses it is reflected off of them straight back into your camera or into your screen; creating glare in your image.

How far is the webcam away from your monitor? If it's too close you'll get a reflection of your glasses that will show up on the camera.

To avoid monitor glare on your desktop webcam and live stream, try moving your light and camera around. One option is to change the height of the light's position. However, you can also reposition your lighting off to the side of the camera to get an even better effect.

Height of Your Light

A simple lighting setup when using the Zoom video calling service can include having a desk lamp or video light near your camera to increase the quality of the image.

The webcam in this scenario is positioned so that it would be approximately straight in front of you, and since it's probably at eye level, any glare seen on the lens tends to reflect back to one's eyes from objects sitting directly next to your computer screen.

You can raise the lamp up to reduce the glare on the webcam. A small vertical distance is enough for the broad light source to reflect towards the camera’s side so that it does not appear in front of your image.

This accomplishes two effective things: it increases your webcam image quality and it helps you remove or reduce eyeglass glare.

The Horizontal Position of Your Light

To fix the glare in your glasses, you might need to adjust the angle of the light source. So try changing the lamp's position to get better lighting across your face.

Having just one light source on your scene creates intense shadows, so adding a second source of light can help illuminate the other areas that are being cast in shadow.

You just have to be careful not to have the second light too bright because you want to keep its intensity less than the first light's.

If you don’t have a secondary lighting source, you can still make do by reflecting some of the light from the lamp by using a white foam board.

You don’t need to use a specific type of product or follow any particular rules when it comes to materials!

You can use printer paper if that is all that is on hand. In fact, there are no real limitations here. And yes, it doesn’t need to look fancy because it will be out of shot.

Don't Look Towards The Light

Make sure to adjust the light in the room to prevent glare on your glasses.

Remember that looking into the light will reflect off your glasses and into your camera, so if you want to avoid that, just look away from the camera - adjusting your body position slightly should be enough to correct the problem.

You may not want to look directly into the webcam lens, but resist the urge to constantly look away from the camera. An unnatural back-and-forth movement can reinforce feelings of disengagement.

Position of Office Lights

Many people think that the lighting used in TV studios is just really bright, but several lights collectively light up the full set rather than one or two main ones.

The light doesn't have to be directly in front of you either. You can generally feel confident that your glasses won't cause glare in your webcam if it's not shining directly on them.

Of course, regardless of how fancy your office is, the room probably won't have professional video lighting. But regardless, it should have enough lights to be reasonably bright.

Most offices tend to be white on the walls because this helps to make the ambient room light brighter. After all, the walls will act as natural diffusers and reflectors.

So just turn on all the lights and maximize ambient lighting by doing so!

A home office is not subject to the same rules as conventional workspaces, so it may be a little darker. However, you can increase ambient lighting levels by switching your light bulbs for LED-based bulbs.

Also, you can watch DIY Video Studio videos to learn more about light positioning!

Large Soft Light

Soft light is similar to a studio light. It has a large rectangular box, umbrella (umbrella light), or umbrella softbox built around the main lighting fixture with large white nylon mesh or diffuser material.

When placing a light behind a webcam, adding a small softbox just 2 feet away will provide strong fill and reduce glare on the glasses.

Avoiding webcam glares is easy to do with the use of a large soft light. This way it will be so much easier for you to look at the camera while broadcasting on your webcam.

Why? Because if you accidentally look toward the light source it won’t be as noticeable on your glasses because the reflection of the harsh light or bright daylight would be subtle.

The main benefit of using soft light, such as a ring light, is that they have a flattering effect.

Soft lights (ring lights) tend to wrap around your features, smoothing out shadows and making things like wrinkles and lines less noticeable even if you happen to be in the presence of lighting.

If you’re going to participate in many video conferences with your team over the internet, getting a few continuous lighting setups might make sense.

These are supposed to improve both your appearance on camera and improve communication overall.

Window Light

If you have set up your computer or laptop facing a window, the lovely natural light from the sun may be affecting how clearly you can see those on camera.

Although the broad window light produces nice illumination for photographs or video conferences, this same feature has a tendency to produce a glare on glasses.

Before placing your laptop and webcam, do a test with your mobile phone. Keep the webcam of your mobile going at arm’s length from your face, as if it were a selfie video.

Then turn around on the spot until you lose the glare on your glasses then that’s where you'll need to set up your computer or webcam.

Having a separate reflector is an excellent idea as it will allow you to bounce some additional light into the shadows on the side of your subject's face furthest from the window. You can either use a white foam core board, a desk lamp, or a softbox.

Best Glasses for Perfect Zoom Calls!

If you have to make video calls continuously at your work or daily life, you should use blue-light-blocking glasses that block damaging blue light rays.

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5 Benefits of Non-Prescription Glasses

Nov 16, 2021

People wear glasses for a positively broad range of reasons. In fact, many people today wear non-prescription sunglasses strictly as a fashion statement.

This trendy accessory is readily available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials that can add just the right touch to your outfit!

Keep in mind that non-prescription glasses have zero corrective power whatsoever, while non-prescription reading glasses offer some level of magnification, although only at a distance.

Wearing non-prescription glasses should not cause any problems if you do not need prescription lenses to correct your vision. Some non-prescription glasses and contact lenses (e.g. ones that reduce glare) can be beneficial to your eyesight.

You can find quality non-prescription glasses at GetGlasses.online. We offer a wide range of prices and designs and have discount designer frames that sell at affordable prices, with no hidden fees.

In our article, we have listed the 5 benefits of non-prescription glasses in detail. Here are the benefits of non-prescription glasses:

1-) Fashion

Non-prescription glasses offer a variety of benefits, from style to health. They come in a wide array of styles and features, making it easy to get a pair that suits your individual needs.

There are so many frames made from high-quality materials that make them comfortable to use day in and day out.

They are lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear even for long periods without causing discomfort. The glasses are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, so there is always something that will match your needs!

You can certainly get high-quality, fashionable eyewear at affordable rates. No matter if you prefer black, silver, rimless frames, or something else entirely.

There are unlimited options when it comes to stylish yet affordable non-prescription glasses. Pair these with your favorite outfit for a look that is bound to catch attention.


2-) Eye Protection

Like many people today, you’re probably spending a lot of time looking at various screens.

Now that mobile devices and computers have become increasingly advanced, many people are constantly on their phones or laptops for work and play.

This may be putting stress on your eyes, causing them to feel dry or tired, or even irritate headaches as a result.

The symptoms above are sometimes caused by computer vision syndrome, a digital strain on the eyes caused by staying in front of our various screens for too long.

In an ideal world, everyone would limit their screen time. However, that’s not always feasible, so solutions to eye strain would include creating habits to lessen the amount of blue light emitted from our screens.


3-) Reduce Eye Strain

Many eye specialists have said that constant exposure to digital screens can adversely affect your vision and make it a bit harder to see.

If you think this may apply to you, you can consider blue light glasses or non-prescription glasses that filter out the harmful blue light from your screens.

Wearing glasses will help alleviate nearsightedness as well as eye strain!

You should also keep in mind that too much time spent looking at any type of screen can have negative effects on your eye health and overall health.


4-) Filter Blue Light

Non-prescription glasses can filter out troublesome blue light, high-energy visible light and block harmful glares from specific sources such as LED lights.

Those purchasing non-prescription glasses can purchase them with different lenses, depending on what they need them for. This includes blue light blocking lenses, non-magnified, magnified (high or low power reading glasses, etc.), and multifocal lenses.

This solution is perfect for people who spend long hours in front of digital screens. It’s a permanent fix to headaches or digital eye strain while eliminating the aggravating worry of things like managing contacts, zooming in, moving icons around, etc.


5-) No Negative Effects

Wearing non-prescription glasses has no negative effects on vision. It will even help you have healthier eyes if worn with the right lens coating.

It's important to make sure you're not getting eye fatigue from staring at a screen for too long.

If your lifestyle or work requires you to be in front of computer screens for a long time, consider wearing non-prescription glasses with a blue light blocker filter.


How To Choose The Right Non-Prescription Glasses

Once you begin your search for fashionable non-prescription glasses, you’ll find a lot of stylish options available.

When searching for your next pair of glasses, the basic thing you’ll need to be concerned with is what kind of frame design you’re after.

One way to narrow down your selection is to look at the material and color options available for this specific frame style you like.

If you plan to wear them more for reading or computer work, then it's best that you also take note of the lens magnification level and even an anti-glare coating.

In addition, you can have detailed information about 2022 trends by reading our article titled Top 10 Eyewear Trends of 2022.

FAQ - Wearing Non-Prescription Glasses

Is it OK to wear non-prescription glasses?

Yes, wearing non-prescription glasses is safe. You can wear them whether or not they provide magnification.

What are non-prescription glasses for?

Non-prescription eyeglasses are primarily meant for people who can no longer read the fine print. This condition, called presbyopia or "old vision," usually begins at about the age of 35 and deteriorates until about the age of 55.

How do I get non-prescription glasses?

The only thing you need to do to buy non-prescription glasses is to reach out GetGlasses.online! After choosing the frame you like, you decide on your lenses.

When you pick the non-prescription lenses, you should choose one of the lens types such as Clear, blue filter, Light Adjusting/Photochromic, Non-Polarized Sunglasses Lenses, Polarized Sunglasses Lenses, and Mirror Polarized Sunglasses Lenses.

Top 10 Eyewear Trends of 2022

Nov 14, 2021

If you’re all about staying up to date with what’s hot in the world of eyewear, you probably have done your homework by now and read hundreds of fashion magazines.

That is— if you’re thinking about how to look trendy for 2022. But that is where we come into play because we will tell you what looks will be in style next year.

We’ve caught a few eyeglasses styles on the runway that look like they’re going to be a big hit in 2022. Here is a list of great styles that you should pick up this year if you want to look trendy and fashionable in 2022.

1-) Tinted Lenses

If you're a fan of 70s fashion, there are going to be some big glasses trends for eyeglasses in 2022.

Seeing the color range from warm yellow to cheerful orange to beautiful rose-tinted styles will make you feel good with these on-trend options.

You’ll immediately feel much cooler when you put on these glasses, and your eyes will be completely shielded from the glare of the sun because they only come with lenses that have a specific range.

Since people can still see your eyes behind the tinted glass, you’ll find that these are great for wearing indoors as well!

When it comes to choosing eyewear, people with dark skin can go very bold with color because it isn’t nearly as noticeable on them. However, if you’re pale, you should stick to either yellow or blue-based colors because the hue complements your skin tone to make you look your best!

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2-) Transparent Glasses

In 2022, clear frames will replace the current trend for mirrored high-end eyeglasses. This shift in taste is good news for minimalists who like to be trendy while still staying true to their style at the same time.

Transparent glasses are the first choice of the young generation because they give you an entirely new look. Transparent glasses offer plenty of different choices, for example, square rim, round frame, and square frames.

We know that you’re always on the go, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look great doing it! If you are in the market for high-end glasses, look no further than our latest collections.

Our transparent glasses are classically chic with just a touch of glamor. We also offer stylish frames like sparkly details and cute cat-shaped frames - not to mention the bolder colors like pink and green. Either way, you will never go wrong with our selection!

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3-) Multicolored Frames

In 2022, it might be time to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to eyeglass styles. Start this year off by adding a splash of color to your wardrobe with a pair of colorful eyeglass frames!

While it's not a bad idea to stick with neutral and basic patterns, if you've grown tired of them, these colorful frames will bring life to the dullest looks. These frames allow you to make colour combinations you want!

We know that brightly colored frames can draw people in, and we mean it! They'll be sure to make heads turn as soon as you walk into the room looking fabulous.

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4-) Aviator Sunglasses

Last year, aviator sunglasses were a raging hit! This year, they are strong contenders for the top of the fashion charts yet again.

These popular shades will continue to be seen everywhere, from beaches to city streets to celebrity events across the globe.

Designs will include any combination of shapes and colors you can think of, including but not limited to bicolored frames and lens options, double–rimmed shades, gradient lenses, clear lenses, marble or sparkly frames, and even ombre designs.

Aviator sunglasses have been popular over the years with celebrities due to their trendiness at fashion shows for brands such as Chanel, Opening Ceremony, Kenzo, Roberto Cavali, Carven, and others.

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5-) Dark Lenses

Do you want to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you need to buy a good pair of sunglasses with dark lenses.

Dark lenses are perfect for all seasons, and they are among the most classic shades on the market. Preferred by both men and women alike!

To make your eyeglasses stand out and not be boring, you can add chains to make them look totally different

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6-) Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses come in different styles and colors. Some may have double rims, marble frames, and maybe colored frames.

These things should be accounted for if you're looking for a pair of glasses to make your outfit look more attractive.

If you choose one that has all or some of these characteristics, it is sure to make your appearance much better.

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7-) Round Cat Eye Sunglasses

A cat-eye pair of sunglasses is a name which has been present for years and not going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s loved by many, and that’s why every next year these sunglasses can be seen with different new modifications and shapes like round glasses.

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8-) Colorful Lenses

Sunglasses with bright lenses are a great option for individuals who don't prefer wearing clear or dark sunglasses.

You can find pairs of these with different colored and ombre lenses; this will make the shades appear more appealing and show your personality and/or style.

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9-) Marble Frames

Marble frames appear in a variety of shades, from darker tones to lighter ones. Some marble glasses include a butterfly wing design, while others feature a bug-eye design and an oversized frame.

The best part is that you can choose the look that you like best and works with your facial shape!

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10-) Brow-Line Frames

Brow-line glasses are making a comeback in the form of classic black and tortoiseshells as well as patterned metals and paler shades.

First worn in the 1950s, Browline frames create a barrier of mystery around your eyes that many women find very appealing.

The brow line itself creates a dark curved swath across the forehead and extends to cover some of the eyebrows, making it look as though there is less of a barrier between you and those looking into your eyes.

This look gives glasses a modern sensibility that has been around for decades now but is still so popular amongst young people who want to be different from everyone else.

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Where Did Your Cool Sunglasses Come From?

Nov 11, 2021

There are some classic cinematic moments where you can't picture the scene without sunglasses. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey Hepburn is outside of a jewelry store wearing a formal evening gown and sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith - Manhattans.

If there's one thing Hollywood can teach us about custom sunglasses, it's that you don't have to be a spy or a secret agent to feel confident and motivated when wearing them.

In fact, wearing sunglasses with your outfit can instantly help you look sharp and inspired even if your day didn't quite go the way you had planned so far — so who knows? Maybe with your top-quality eyewear on that special someone will finally take notice of how suave and collected you look as they walk past!

Sunglasses have been the main accessory of high society since they first became popular in 1915. As sunglasses mainly serve to protect the eyes, it’s surprising that these iconic glasses remain quite popular amongst the rich and famous, but this could be because celebrities are well aware that all eyes are on them during any public appearance!

Glamorous sunglasses are not usually the smartest way to stay cool when it's hot outside. Safety glasses, inflatable armbands, bicycle helmets, and high-vis vests seem like they're never going to be the ones in style, do they? That may well be true. But shades certainly can be.

Perhaps it's because, unlike other practical items that are meant to shape your natural form, sunglasses hide while simultaneously conveying the sense of mystery and secrecy about their wearer. Because they conceal your eyes, wearing sunglasses grants its wearers a feeling of privacy, masking the direction of their gaze so others may wonder about their exact thoughts.

Sunglasses are dark for a reason. They block out most natural light — otherwise known as white light — which is made up of many different elements that can be separated using a prism. The human eye can only detect a tiny fraction of the light emitted by the Sun. But these are their wavelengths, ranging from red light (with the longest wavelengths) to violet light (with the shortest). Such lights are invisible to our eyes, but can still cause harm.

The Cool Way To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Infrared radiation is emitted by the sun in vast amounts, but the small amounts that reach our eyes pose little to no risk. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is off the other end of the visible spectrum can be a threat to our health in several ways. UV rays can break chemical bonds and damage DNA molecules in the delicate cells of our eyes, which can lead to cataracts and cancers.

Until the early twentieth century, no one knew how harmful ultraviolet radiation could be. It was only discovered in 1801 by William Herschel, who also named it "ultraviolet" because he deemed it invisible to the human eye. The true risks were not fully appreciated, however, until medical experts began testing them on their own eyesight.

First invented in the mid-19th century, sunglasses were originally intended only as a way to protect weak eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. It wouldn’t be until a full century later that the widespread popularity of sunglasses would kick-off — and it had nothing to do with eye health.

Everything seemed roughly the same in the early 1900s when glassworkers in Northern England began to complain of either losing their sight or suffering cataracts. By some estimates, this number was 25 times higher than the rest of the population at that time.

A new piece of legislation passed in Britain on industrial injuries meant that the glassblower's cataract became eligible for compensation in 1908. The Royal Society sent Lord William Crookes, an octogenarian physicist, to Lancashire factories to investigate the cause of the condition.

Crookes experimented and published his findings in the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. His conclusions, that infrared radiation was responsible for glassblowers' cataracts, became very well respected and considered enough to establish infrared as a separate form of electromagnetic radiation. The early furnace temperatures were around 2200 degrees C, but hotter furnaces later cracked the 3500-degree mark - enough to cause cataracts even though the heat wasn't localized to any area as small an area as it is closest to the Sun.

Crookes set out to design spectacles that would protect glassblowers from infrared rays, experimenting with more than 300 different types of glass in his laboratory.

The New Goggles That Changed The History of Glasses

During his research, he discovered various compounds that could minimize glare, UV, and infrared radiation. Over time, he found a formula for a lightly tinted sage-green glass, called Crookes Glass 246 that blocked 98% of infrared light.

Crookes experimented to create protective eyewear for glassblowers. After some time he discovered that his work could be useful in other fields. Crookes Glass 249, a pale-blue shade, blocked visible light, while also intercepting the most harmful types of ultraviolet radiation.

Fashioning a new item from such a compound, Crookes put it into spectacle frames and wore them on a walk with his wife along the chalk cliffs of England’s south coast during the hot summer of 1911. The invention received much publicity in the trade magazines, and soon “Crookes lenses” were being hawked to holiday-makers on both sides of the Atlantic as protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Because of the historical association between health and tinted glasses, early advertisers emphasized how discreet appearance was reassuring to people worried about their appearance after wearing tinted lenses. Soon enough, knock-offs flooded the market. While the curious scientist did get something out of his discovery - the patent - which ensured a good retirement, no crooks profited from Crookes’ breakthrough either.

As Neil Handley, a curator at the College of Optometrists in London explains, by 1918 people were more likely to be buying sunglasses that met the company's standard rather than just crooks. Sunglasses were the flight goggles of the 1920s and ‘30s and commercial pilot uniforms lent sunglasses a fashionable air.

In the '30s, Hollywood began playing a part in the way that sunglasses were perceived. When photos started to emerge of stars such as Joan Crawford wearing sunglasses behind the scenes, whether it was to shield her eyes from the lights in theaters or to conceal her lifestyle from being made public, shades could be considered inseparable with a celebrity lifestyle.

How Fashionable Sunglasses Can Harm Your Eyes

Eyewear can be a double-edged sword. It was designed for eye protection, but some more fashionable designs may sacrifice some of that protection. The original goal of providing ultraviolet protection seems to have fallen by the wayside. That’s not good because it means your eyes are absorbing more radiation than you need to be exposed to on top of what is already happening during the day.

In the 1970s, things began to improve when the industry began to adopt safety standards, but even today it is common for counterfeit designer sunglasses to be produced by unlicensed factories.

In 1928, the Royal Society issued a report on glassblowers' cataracts. It was found that attempts to persuade workers to wear protective lenses had failed. The reason was that the "British workman” dared not wear sunglasses. Consequently, many accidents occurred because glasses could not be worn under a large variety of working conditions. Fashion-wise, sunglasses were considered bold from the moment they were introduced.

The Pros and Cons of Photochromic Lenses

Nov 6, 2021

Are you carrying both your eyeglasses and sunglasses with you wherever you go? Are you constantly switching back and forth between your glasses and sunglasses and is it really worth it?

A simple alternative is to use photochromic lenses or transition lenses. These special kinds of glasses or contacts darken when exposed to UV rays and they become clear again once the wearer goes inside. These lenses have been around for quite some time, the first pair was manufactured in the 1960s, but they are constantly evolving to accommodate our present needs.

Most eyewear products contain many types of coatings that reduce glare and improve the clarity of vision, as well as helping to give extended UV protection. Most people will switch out their lenses for prescription as needed, but others prefer to leave the transition coating on over their prescription. There are some things you really need to know about it though.

Let's take a look at what these lenses do!

How Do Transition Lenses Work?

Transitional lenses are used to reduce glare when exposed to UV light rays. Transitional lenses or photochromic lenses are even more practical when the glasses wearers encounter changing light conditions throughout the day.

When not exposed to UV light rays, the special dyes within the photochromic lenses of eyeglasses remain stationary. Yet, when exposed to such rays (either naturally or through artificial sunlight) which alter the molecules present in these dyes, they undergo a chemical reaction and metabolize into color pigmentation inside the lenses.

The special coating helps reflect the UV rays that cause damage to one's eyes, these UV rays are why people normally wear sunglasses. Similar to sunglasses, individuals can wear prescription glasses for visual impairment while also being able to see well enough in bright sunlight.

The invention of the photochromic lens presents a miracle for those who rely on wearing prescription eyeglasses, but along with all of its positives, there are a few major cons to take note of.

Pros of Transition Lenses (Photochromic Lenses)

When you wear glasses with transition lenses as part of your eye protection and vision correction solution, you can expect to find some advantages that make your everyday life easier and more convenient.

Whether you're out running errands or at work, you'll discover that these glasses enhance function and fashion. As you know, the simplest solutions are often the best! Here are some pros to investing in photochromic lenses for your fine eyewear needs.

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Lights

As the structure and composition of the photochromic lens have evolved, we've come to realize that such lenses also offer benefits such as blocking the blue light. So, for those of us who work from home, transition lenses are an absolute must-have!

It turns out that many different types of photochromic glasses are able to react to the blue light radiated from our computer screen, making them a desirable choice if you’re prone to computer-related eye strain and migraines.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

When you're on the lookout for a solution to maintaining your eye health, acquiring transition glasses can be a simple and cost-effective choice.

Whether you need just one pair of blue-light glasses, or to buy prescription eyeglasses, wearing photochromic glasses can save you time and money. Especially if you often find yourself needing both prescription sunglasses and regular prescription glasses to address your visual needs.

Wide Range of Styles

If you've ever thought transitional lenses are designed exclusively for the old generation, think again! Photochromic lenses are now readily available across the world in a variety of stylish frames, tailored to meet any fashion trend or occasion.

If you are in need of eyewear that will protect your eyes but is also the trendiest one around town, you should consider transition glasses.

These cost-effective alternatives to prescription lenses are available in several colors, shapes, and sizes. Transition glasses are incredibly versatile for any occasion, whether running errands or attending a movie premiere.

Cons of Transition Lenses

No product is perfect. Even the most innovative idea has its downsides, something every customer needs to understand before purchasing. To assist with this process, it’s important to understand the cons of photochromic lenses to better decide whether they are the best addition to your lifestyle.

Transition Glasses Are Useless While Driving

One of the most important cons of transition lenses is that they are ineffective when worn inside vehicles because their ability to darken or lighten is influenced by the presence of direct sunlight. Thus, it's best to drive with clear lenses if you know you'll be driving.

Transitional lenses are designed with a unique chemical composition that can either become lighter or darker depending on their environment. Due to the windshield in a vehicle blocking the direct effect of UVA and UVB rays, transitional lenses are less likely to darken and block sunlight.

Windshield's UV protection levels can prevent photochromic lenses from darkening. This can lead to harder driving conditions such as frequent squinting because of the amount of sunlight that is able to filter through during sunny conditions.

Transitional Lenses Are Not Effective in Cold Weather

Transitional glasses may not protect eyes from harmful UV rays during winter weather. When temperatures drop, transitional glasses often take a longer time to react to UV light due to the chemical reaction slowing down with the bitter conditions of winter. They can also struggle to protect the eyes from harmful rays when sunlight reflects off of snow.

Not All Photochromic Lenses' Quality Are Same

One of the least discussed but largest issues that arise when purchasing transitional lenses is consistency across brands. What kind of product quality and what kind of results can we expect when we purchase a specific pair? Some brands produce excellent pairs, while others seem to miss the mark entirely.

Are Transitional Lenses Right For You?

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea about whether investing in transitional lenses would be the right choice for you, or if there are more viable alternatives that might fit your situation more appropriately.

If you know what you need but are unsure where to start, consulting with an eye care specialist is the best way to get an idea of exactly which pair of glasses and lenses would match your vision needs best. You can have detailed information about lenses and their features by reading our article titled Our lenses.

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